7 Reasons Why Tuition Is A Good Investment


We're sure this notion has entered your mind if you're a parent of a toddler or a teen. In truth, you've come here because you're still debating whether or not to hire a tutor. Many parents worry that paying for a private tutor may weaken their children's active learning skills in the long term.

Many others are under the mistaken assumption that private coaching is prohibitively expensive! You should be aware of such fallacies as Live online Classes because many parents not only believe but also perpetuate them.

The ideal tutor

You don't get to choose your teachers at school, but we connect the child and the tutor after our first appointment with the youngster. This means that students have a mentor who teaches them in the most efficient way possible for their learning patterns.

Additional considerations

There is sometimes just a limited amount of time in school to assess a child's work and understanding. It's possible that this isn't always enough. Having a private tutor provides pupils the opportunity to go over any areas where they are having difficulty.

Help with homework

Students benefit from having a guide who can make the things they're covered for homework less stressful. They can get help from anywhere for any subject, making learning less of a chore and more of an effective learning experience.

The student-to-teacher ratio is much lower

Students can focus better and are taught in a way that uniquely matches their own needs since private tuition takes place in small groups or one-on-one. Students at Live online Classes attend in groups of up to six, although instruction is always one-on-one.


Tutors are better equipped to perceive and promote their pupils' potential because they create a more intimate contact with them. This is all too easy for school teachers to overlook, especially if the child is well-behaved and intelligent. Students get more confidence in their studies as a result of this.

They have a greater desire to perform at their best

Because private tuition implies that the instructor is solely focused on the student's performance, pupils are significantly more likely to be motivated to perform to their full potential.

Open dialogue in a safe setting

In a large class, students may be hesitant to raise questions, but working with a private tutor through Live online Classes provides them the confidence and flexibility to speak up.

If you or your child think that you benefit from private English tuition in Singapore, come to our learning facility in Market Harborough to see for yourself and talk to our friendly staff about your alternatives.