COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the way music is learned, encouraging them to adopt online education. This is huge for most musicians who now see online music teaching as their future and also for music learners. And rightly so.

However, learning music online is nothing new. A solo search on Google and YouTube will convince you as many music teachers have already started offering their expertise online. And while online music tuition is very different from conducting in-person music lessons, it works very well.

What happened is opening the way for more people, both teachers and students, to see this option. While the first spike has stabilized, interest in online music lessons is higher than before and will remain high for the next few years!

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Several reasons make online lessons a preferred method of teaching music:

It saves time

Online music lessons are time-saving. They can easily fit into a busy schedule and provide an opportunity to attend a class whenever and wherever it works best for you. Then, if you are only offering recorded music video lessons, you do not need to do so.

It’s cost less

By 'proceeding online', music learning can cut expenses related to paying transportation cost or paying the higher fee with music school. Also, you have no additional cost to print or travel transcription (sheet music).

It requires less effort

To attend online classes doesn’t require you to invest as much time and energy as you would prepare in offline music lessons. Online learning offers the advantage of attending online courses multiple times.