How does Kiya Learning Differs from others?


Kiya Learning has well adequate, trained, and experienced teachers for all boards such as IB, IGCSE, MOE, CBSE and ICSE. Kiya Learning offers online tuitions that are very effective, convenient, adaptable, and safe. Kiya Learning's tutors are very well aware of every student's level and provide classes as per the student’s requirements. They focus on the trend and requirement of generation: Online Learning. They are using skype, zoom, and google meet over the globe for their learning platform.

Kiya Learning gives various facilities such as:

• Preparing Exam-oriented assignments

• Solved past year papers

• Periodic revision tests

Kiya Learning makes sure that their students believe in adequate planning, and achieve their goals. The best teachers always know about the high and low points of their students. The teachers of Kiya Learning focus on the weak points of students and work on them properly.

They include regular e-assessments for their students in their curriculum. Kiya Learning has updated worksheets or assignments on the digital platform (e-assessment) regularly so that students can practice the work just as they write exams.

There are several learning methods for online assessment:

1. Online Test paper- It defines how our students are performing in their subjects and helps our teachers to understand their weak points.

2. Online Assignments- With Kiya Learning, students have regular access to chapter-wise assignments; just because they can self-analyze their mistakes and avoid them in future.

3. Offline worksheets- Our trained teachers regularly prepare offline worksheets that can be done at home by the students.

4.Personal doubt sessions- We know how much attention a student needs in his initial stage, for that our motive is one-to-one interaction with students.

With these kinds of amenities, every student shines brighter as a star. We leave no stone unturned as to their full development in the minds of our students.

Assessment helps students configure their mistakes and do their best. It is an ongoing process designed to measure student learning outcomes for:

• Providing sufficient learning opportunities to achieve these results.

• Introduction of a systematic teaching method and analyze services.

• Gathering evidence to show how well student learning is in line with expectations, and use the information gathered to make informed decisions and improve student learning.

• One-to-one tuition - Kiya Learning ensures the personal involvement of the student and their teacher. Therefore, their teachers pay special attention to his only student.

For this reason, Kiya Learning is the best and different from other online learning platforms. They offer online IB tuition, online IGCSE tuition, online MOE tuition, online CBSE tuition, and online ICSE tuition for every grade students.