IGCSE board

IGCSE Curriculum in Singapore

IGCSE board

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an international curriculum designed to promote high academic standards. The program run by the Cambridge International Examination and has a comprehensive curriculum that uses a systems analysis approach to meet global requirements.
It consists of a two-year curriculum that finishes with an external exam at the end of Class X. The curriculum provides a great opportunity for students to prepare for post-secondary education worldwide. Acquired knowledge and skills enable them to become good citizens around the world.

Benefits of Studying in the IGCSE Board

In terms of content knowledge, the IGCSE board lays an outstanding foundation.
• The IGCSE curriculum develops essential educational skills, problem-solving, recall of knowledge, and leadership.
• The IGCSE program has a global standing and reliability. The board is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for being similar to CBSE, ICSE boards.
• The IGCSE curriculum is equitable and gives an international perspective to education.
• Students can take advantage of the Cambridge Checkpoint, an evaluation that pinpoints students’ strengths and weaknesses in major curriculum areas.

IGCSE Syllabus Details:

Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE Primary Curriculum is for students within the age group of 5 to 11 years. The program gives knowledge of English, Maths & Science. The structure of the program is entirely need-based, and the feedback provided throughout the program. Though assessments are optional, teachers suggest to take Cambridge Primary Progression Tests, conducted internally by the school.

Secondary 1 Curriculum

The Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum is for students of 11 – 14 years. Secondary 1 Curriculum works to strengthen skills and knowledge in English, Mathematics & Science for the first three years of secondary education. The curriculum is need-based and can be customizable for studies in English or English as a second language.

Secondary 2 Curriculum

IGCSE Secondary 2 Curriculum is meant for learners of 14 – 16 olds (Class IX & X) and allows two programs of learning. Students have an option of studying for the Cambridge IGCSE Certificate or the Cambridge O levels.

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