Benefits To Learn Olympiads

Olympiads help the learners to know their ability in high-level competitive exams like NEET, JEE, CAT, IAS, UPSC exams. Students come to know their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects.
The Science Olympiad Foundation which provides a large platform where even the primary level students can showcase their talent at the state, national and international levels, organizes the Olympiad.
Students who achieve achievement in the Olympiad are awarded cash prizes, medals, gifts, certificates and lots of recognition. His achievement adds to his academic profile.

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Sec 3 in Singapore
Sec 3 in Singapore

How are we different?


We generate improvement plans based on student’s performance. This improvement plan consists of focused Olympiad training material and web sources to improve upon your weak points.


We consider learning concepts before jumping to assessments. We provide exhaustive study material for Olympiad Exams with vibrant visuals covering entire syllabus of Olympiads.


With our Olympiad preparation online platform, students can begin on auto-pilot mode where tests are generated based on their performance in attempted tests. Its improve student's performance.


In our online Olympiad program, we teach with the fun & game zone. In which we provide many educational games that enhance many children interest in our study sessions.


In our interactive online Olympiad session, we provide many free quizzes daily that 100% improve children's General Knowledge ability. This step improves the whole performance of students.


In our online Olympiad program, we provide a dashboard in which you see your children entire detailed, you can view your kid's performance, scores compare against highest and average, instantly.

Sec 3 in Singapore
Sec 3 in Singapore
Sec 3 in Singapore
Sec 3 in Singapore