The coronavirus pandemic has closed schools and colleges across the country. Education has changed dramatically in the past two months, with a huge increase in e-learning where lessons are practiced and on digital platforms like our kiya Learning platform that provides the best home tuition or online education by top educators.

Thousands of students are glued to computers and smartphone screens as teachers and students enter a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. Although e-learning is a technology and access challenge for both students and teachers, everyone is busy with lectures, worksheets, and assignments.

Even before COVID-19 appeared, e-learning grew at an unprecedented rate. According to the 2019 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns report, EdTech companies worldwide are forecasting an investment of $ 18.66 billion in 2019. It will be interesting to see if the changes in the coronavirus have caused system education to last preserved. Let us examine the other advantages of online courses. Kiya Learning is the best platform that provides home & online tuition.


Precision-based learning enables a student to acquire transferable skills. Such instruction focuses on what has been learned and is not based on other factors. The important aspect is that each student has a different learning style and level of interaction, which is usually not organized in regular offline classes, where many students are reluctant to interact with the teacher due to peer competition or class-dominated students. Online courses provide flexibility and the opportunity for students to advance a skill. The main focus is on skills, knowledge, and / or behavior that are tied to strategic goals. The best platform that provides home tuition or online tuition is kiya Learning.


Skill development and improvement is the key to growing a career in times of competition in which we live. Various online educational platforms make it easier for students to develop new skills while taking a regular college/university course. Online education is key and probably the best way to develop. It is common for an MBA student to conduct an online course on data analysis with an HR specialist to expand their skills and so on. Choosing an online learning environment will familiarize students with the future of work and the skills required. kiya Learning provides online or home tuition at a very affordable fee.


Since the outbreak of the virus forced educational institutions to take online courses, student participation has improved significantly. While long distances do not have to be covered for lessons, the technically savvy and pro-digital generation loves the concept of online lessons. Participation and engagement improve significantly. kiya Learning is a good online website for online tuition.


The performance and learning ability of the students can be easily monitored in online courses. In online mode, the data of each student is saved individually and tracked automatically. While digital tools allow teachers to easily track students while studying online, personal learning does not. Analysis tools provide detailed reports on each student’s performance and development. It helps teachers create online classes based on student learning patterns.


Online learning materials are visually stimulating, precise, and interactive with functions such as surveys or surveys, tests, etc. As a result, online courses increase online engagement. Study. Classes with multimedia content are easily accessible on any device and give students control over how they recorded the material.


Another great thing about online courses is that assessment is an ongoing process. Student engagement is increased because there is no disruption from peers. Far from the competition and dominant students, students are increasingly busy asking questions and initiating interaction. Also, some concepts are better communicated online. For example, some various technical tools and techniques are conveyed better than ever with the support of visual effects.


Online courses allow teachers to quickly assess student learning during class. In contrast to conventional classrooms, teachers in technical classes can publish a quiz with 2-3 questions every 10 minutes or according to each concept or survey to find out the truth. Shy students can take an active part in answering these questions as the chat loses fear of “what if I’m wrong?”