Spoken English Class Near in Singapore

Live 1:1 Online Personality Development Classes

All lessons are taught Live 1:1 Online in the convenience of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified tutors.
Learning Personality Development will help you to increase your brain that constantly loaded with new thoughts
Learning Personality Development will also boost your cognitive skills, and train you to face any real-life challenges.

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Spoken English Class Near in Singapor
Spoken English Class Near in Singapor

Personality Development sets the foundation for major creative efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Personality Development

Spoken English Class Near in Singapore


Personality development courses prepare you for how to motivate yourself to do things. This session can help you build confidence in yourself.

Spoken English Class Near in Singapore

Dealing with stress

This course encourages you to develop the ability to deal with problems. Also, it encourages you to control your inability to think well, tension, loneliness, compulsion.

Spoken English Class Near in Singapore

Attractive disposition

A stimulating state of mind motivates you to do basic leadership, critical thinking, and many real-life situations. Your brain is constantly loaded with new smart thoughts.

Spoken English Class Near in Singapore

Develop proper habits

The personality development course can instil the right mindset in your child. Affections are uniquely reliable in establishing a man's general identity.

Spoken English Class Near in Singapore

Choose Your Curriculums Below to See How We Can Help

We divide this detailed program in various levels-

Level 1


• Definition
• Elements
• Determinants

Personal Grooming

• Personal Hygiene
• Social Effectiveness
• Business Etiquettes (Power Dressing)

Level 2

Body Language

• Non-Verbal Communication
• Types of Body Language
• Functions of Body Language
• Role of Body Language
• Proxemics

Art of Good Communication

• Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
• Difference between Oral and Written Communication
• 7’Cs of Effective Communication
• Importance of Effective Communication

Level 3

Team Behavior

• Types of Teams
• Team Roles and Behavior

Group Discussion

• Do’s and Don't


Interview Preparation

• Introduction
• Resume Writing
• Dress Code
• Mock-Interview
• How to be Successful in an Interview