Hindi Class Near in Singapore

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Sanskrit is the mother of all languages that considered the oldest surviving language on earth. It is the sacred language of Hindus.

Due to a good research environment in Germany, there is a demand for Sanskrit Scholars who can research ancient texts related to various fields.

Neuro Scientist James Hartzell found in his research that reading ancient Sanskrit mantras can sharpen your memory and cognitive skills.

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Hindi Class Near in Singapore
Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Sanskrit Language sets the foundation for major efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning

Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Grow your Career

Additional language skills can be an essential asset when it comes to keeping you isolated from your colleagues. They are among the eight best skills required in all professions - regardless of your industry or skill level - and the demand for bilingual professionals is increasing rapidly.

Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Feed your Brain

The many cognitive benefits of additional language learning are undeniable. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improved focus, multitasking skills, and better listening skills.

Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Deepen your Connection with other Cultures

Additional language is the most direct connection to other cultures. The ability to communicate in another language makes us visible and promotes appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts and stories of the people associated with that language.

Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Improve Confidence

Anyone learning a new language can prove their share of mistakes while discovering a new language - often in front of an audience. It is a necessary part of the learning process! Learning a language means getting involved and leaving your comfort zone.

Hindi Class Near in Singapore

Here is a list of detailed course content that we provide-

Nominal Root

Verbs - Present Tense
Verbs - Past Tense

Imperative and Potential Mood

Time Telling
Numbers and Numericals