Solve your Learning Problem at your Home with Kiya Learning


The world's education now is moving towards online preparation. The great advantage of online learning is the ability to prepare many people anywhere in the world at once.

Online learning is replacing traditional teaching methods. Below are some of the problems the students faced during the virtual class and our tutor in Singapore discussed them with their solutions.

Time management:

In many cases, students have difficulty managing their time studying online. Virtual learning is new to you and requires concentrated work. Students need a solid plan to make their time convincing.

•   Make plans that make time management more conscious and enjoyable.

•   Make a list of all the assignments provided by Kiya Learning’s tutors in Singapore and set a deadline for them with daily reminders.

•   Divide the submitted tasks and projects into parts for faster results.


Learning from home is an amazing encounter. You can expect things around you to be similar to a school campus. Be that as it may, things are distinctive at home. For example, you may need a learning hall, parks, playgrounds, companions, educators around you to control and learn. However, with online learning, you need to monitor everything around you. Little things at home are easy to get distracted. To overcome this, you should:

•   Let your parents and friends know when your class is online so they don't get distracted.

•   Relax during the breaks set in the timetable for all classes so you can focus on your learning.

Adjustment difficulties:

Moving from a face-to-face class to a virtual class is a lot harder than it sounds. It makes it difficult for some students to keep up to date. Although many students will generally be tech-savvy, some are already having difficulty using degree-related applications. To avoid this, you need to get excited about new learning methods. The Singapore math tutor is always there to help you with your problems.


Students lose hope as soon as they discover difficulties learning online. It requires the motivation to do the tasks and get involved in the learning. Lack of motivation is a difficult task for every student. To overcome this challenge, you should

•   Participate in all activities and learning during Kiya Learning's live sessions.

•   Make sure to keep in touch with your teachers for any discussion.

•   Stick to your study schedule to learn effectively.

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