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Welcome to Kiya Learning

Kiya learning in United Arab Emirates is an online platform for students to study academic as well as co curricular activities. We provide our services to all the children of all the age groups I.e. from kg to class 12. We focus on academics as well as on extra curricular activities like yoga, music, piano, guitar etc. We are an internationally recognised platform and we teach foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Mandarin. etc to the students with Indian languages such as Hindi , Arabic and Urdu. We are successfully established in countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Singapore etc and now in UAE. We are group of experienced professionals and we are here to provide a solution to your problems by passionately educating children of UAE .

UAE curriculum


Our Courses

Skill Development UAE

Development of skills is an important part of education. An overall education includes academic as well as development of skills such as logical reasoning and critical thinking.


Dance Classes UAE

Dancing is an activity that helps to keep a person fit at any age. It improves the posture and balance of the child’s body. It makes your kid energetic and excited.

Music Classes UAE

Learning music exposes children to new sounds and words. It helps them to meditate and increase their concentration. It brings joy and happiness around their surroundings.

Art Classes UAE

Art helps the students to let out their feelings. It helps them to explore the world of creativity and colours.


Robotics Classes UAE

In this ever changing world the technology plays an important part. Make your child an avid learner of robotics and see how they excel in future.


Vedic maths & Abacus UAE

Extra knowledge of abacus and Vedic maths ensures that your child can perform fast calculations.

Yoga Classes UAE

Yoga increases flexibility of child’s body and makes them energetic. Yoga also help them to meditate and increase concentration so that they can focus on their studies better.


Kindergarten UAE

Kindergarten for kids is an important part as it helps them to make friends. They develop their creative and social skills. They develop a habit of being around kids of their age.


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