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Kiya Learning: Unleash Your Creativity

Kiya Learning unlocks creativity by fostering innovation, sparking curiosity, and celebrating individuality, enabling you to explore and express yourself freely in diverse learning environments.

Explore Our Diverse Art and Craft Courses

Drawing and Painting

Develop foundational skills in sketching, shading, and color theory

Pencil Art

Dive into the nuanced world of pencil art, from realism to abstract.

Fine Art

Master advanced techniques in oil painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

Drawing and Painting Courses

Fundamentals of Drawing

Learn to sketch shapes, shades, and proportions with confidence.

Color Theory and Mixing

Explore the science and art of color to create vibrant paintings.

Landscape and Portrait Painting

Capture the world around you with oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints.

Sketching Courses

Observational Sketching
Train your eye to capture the details of the world in your sketchbook.

Expressive Sketching
Unleash your creativity through abstract, intuitive mark-making. 

Urban Sketching
Sketch the vibrant energy of cityscapes and architectural elements.

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Photorealistic Drawings

Master the techniques to capture stunning realism with graphite.

Expressive Sketching

Explore the spontaneous, gestural qualities of pencil drawing.

Advanced Shading

Develop your skills in creating depth, texture, and form with pencils.

Fine Art Courses

Fine Art Courses

Explore various mediums like oil, acrylic, and watercolor to develop your unique painting style.
2 Sculpture
Learn the fundamentals of 3D art, from clay modeling to stone carving.
3 Mixed Media Combine diverse materials and techniques to create captivating, one-of-a kind artworks.

What will students learn in this program?

Comprehensive Art and Craft Curriculum
Our courses cover a wide range of artistic disciplines, from the fundamentals of drawing and painting
to advanced techniques in fine art. Students will develop a versatile skillset to express their unique
creative vision.
Hands-on Learning Experiences
Through interactive workshops, personalized feedback, and project-based learning, students will have
ample opportunities to put their new skills into practice and grow as artists.

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