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Live 1:1 Online Arts & Crafts Classes

Kiya learning best art and craft classes in Australia program is carried out 1: 1 online at Zoom and Google Meet. We currently have batches on both weekdays and weekends. All of our trainers are expert and experienced who interactively teach Arts & Crafts.

Arts & Crafts for children can start from the age of four. We teach progressive & creative session based on the child’s interest level. All of our Arts & Crafts sessions are specially designed for children. You will see improvements in your child’s creative skill soon. Arts & Crafts can often help a child improve energy levels, increase growth rate, and manage stress and anxiety. Join Kiya learning art and craft classes in Australia and now to see a difference!

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Arts & Crafts

Improves coordination skills

Arts & Crafts usually require children to use both hands in a specific technique, which helps them develop good motor skills and coordination on both sides. For example, drawing points and lines, cutting with scissors, and even simply tearing open a sheet of paper are demanding tasks in terms of skill - and kids love to do them.


Helps to express

Children tend to see everything that is going on around them very visually, and they generally receive a lot of information every day. However, there are always children who are naturally shyer and less comfortable expressing themselves in words. Children can find different, more visual ways to express their feelings by arts & crafts.


Make it more creative and productive

There are no limits to the imagination of children and crafts are a great way to turn that endless imagination into something more productive. There are many materials, colors, shapes, and activities to choose from, so kids can explore a variety of options and choose the ones they like the most. Arts & crafts make them creative and productive.


Helps to make contacts

The arts and crafts create a common ground for all children who have different interests or have not yet met, as most of them like to create objects with their hands - and see what other children have created. When it comes to creativity, it doesn't matter how old you are or what race you are - the only thing that matters is what you can do.

Choose Your Curriculums Below to See How We Can Help

Children painting activities
Children love to paint! The children's painting activities on Kiya Learning range from sling painting, marble rolling, body painting, finger painting to painting with a variety of brushes and other materials and on a range of surfaces.
Print ideas for kids
We have 40+ great printing activities and ideas for kids here. The printing techniques and art activities included here are mono printing, muffin tin printing, styrofoam printing, printing with found objects, string and thread printing, handprints, and car wheel printing.
3D art and sculpture ideas for kids
We have 25+ 3D art and sculpture ideas for you including toothpick sculptures, cardboard buildings, and wooden and ice sculptures.
Water Colour projects for children
Looking for water Colour art activities for kids? We have 50+ for you including simple painting, printing, water Colour resist activities and multimedia art projects, as well as various scientific experimentation and colouring a range of items.
Stained glass and suncatcher crafts
We love stained glass and suncatchers! They capture light and colour in such a magical way. We have 50+ stained glass and suncatcher art activities for kids.
Collage art ideas for kids
We have 50+ collage art ideas for kids here, including basic paper collages, contact paper collages, sticker collages, mixed media artwork, and 3D collages.
Art activities for toddlers
There are so many fun art ideas for toddlers here. We have lots of action and sensory art activities to keep young children busy while encouraging exploration.
Nature art for kids
We have more than 30 nature art ideas including Land Art, Observation Drawing, Leaf Print, and Natural Suncatcher.
Outdoor art for kids
Some art activities are better suited to the outdoors, whether because they involve nature, take up more space, are particularly messy, or use the outdoor gear. We have 20+ including splatter painting, spray painting, and chalk art.