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Introduction to Kiya Learning Chess Classes for Kids

Kiya Learning offers engaging chess classes tailored specifically for kids, providing a platform for them to learn and enjoy the game. Our instructors are experienced and passionate about teaching chess to young minds.

Benefits of Learning Chess at a Young Age

Cognitive Development

Chess can enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills, crucial for a child's intellectual growth.

Strategic Planning

Learning chess early can foster the development of strategic and logical thinking abilities.

Focus and Patience

It helps children improve concentration, discipline, and patience in a fun and stimulating way.

Our Teaching Approach and Curriculum

Engaging Philosophy

We utilize interactive and immersive methods to make learning chess an enjoyable experience for children.

Structured Learning

Our curriculum is designed to progressively enhance chess skills, catering specifically to young learners.

Mentorship & Guidance

Our instructors provide individualized attention and guidance, nurturing each child’s unique chess journey

Meet Our Experienced and Friendly Instructors

Pedagogical Expertise
Our instructors have a rich background in teaching chess to kids, ensuring top quality education.

Passion for Teaching
They are enthusiastic and dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

Personalized Attention
Each child receives personalized guidance and constructive feedback to enhance their skills.

Our Chess Courses

Beginner Course

An introduction to chess for young learners, focusing on the rules and basic strategies.

Intermediate Course

For kids with some chess knowledge, advancing their understanding of tactics and openings.

Advanced Course

Designed for experienced young players to enhance their skills and tactics for competitive

FIDE Rating Course

Learning outcome Become a FIDE rated player

Interactive and Engaging Learning Environment

Engaging Philosophy

Our colorful chess boards create an immersive and playful learning atmosphere for kids.

Interactive Sessions

We organize engaging group activities and discussions to make learning chess fun and interactive.

Problem-Solving Challenges

Children are encouraged to participate in chess puzzles and challenges for an enriching learning experience.

Benefits of Online Chess Coaching


Flexible online classes are accessible for kids to learn chess from the comfort of their homes.

Interactive Learning

Engage in live sessions with instructors and peers, fostering interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

Global Community

Connect with young chess enthusiasts worldwide, expanding their exposure and learning opportunities.

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