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Chinese language is the language that is in demand as china has been growing in production. This language is going to be famous. Kiya learning has introduced Chinese Class in United Arab Emirates. It will help you to become a multilingual and communicate around the world.

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Chinese Language sets the foundation for major efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Chinese


Grow your Career

Additional language skills can be an essential asset when it comes to keeping you isolated from your colleagues. They are among the eight best skills required in all professions - regardless of your industry or skill level - and the demand for bilingual professionals is increasing rapidly.


Feed your Brain

The many cognitive benefits of additional language learning are undeniable. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improved focus, multitasking skills, and better listening skills.


Deepen your Connection with other Cultures

Additional language is the most direct connection to other cultures. The ability to communicate in another language makes us visible and promotes appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts and stories of the people associated with that language.


Improve Confidence

Anyone learning a new language can prove their share of mistakes while discovering a new language - often in front of an audience. It is a necessary part of the learning process! Learning a language means getting involved and leaving your comfort zone.

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• A1-Pre-Elementary Level
• A2- Elementary Level
• B1-Pre-Intermediate Level
• B2- Intermediate Level
• C1- Pre-Advanced Level
• C2- Advanced Level

There is a separate exam for all levels. Depending on their abilities, students can produce a recognized certificate for each examination level. An external student who wishes to join in between may take previous level tests at the time of joining and after clearing, which may be part of the specified level.

The certificate will issue after completing the course. If a person wants to pursue language as a career choice, the student can visit for a worldwide international certificate.
There are six levels of exam for Chinese language certificate.


The HSK 1 test proves a candidate’s essential knowledge of everyday Chinese. This Chinese test corresponds to the A1 level and the GER level. It is understood that candidates who pass the HSK 1 exam can meet the basic requirements for Chinese communication.


Level 2 of the Chinese competence test (HSK) applies to the foremost Chinese and corresponds to the A2 level of the CEFR scale. Candidates who have successfully cleared the Chinese test for HSK 2 are considered good rulers of the foremost Chinese.


The HSK level of the Chinese competence test (HSK) corresponds to the B1 level of the GER level. Candidates who complete this test in Chinese will have a level of understanding of the language that will enable them to have important conversations in academic, personal and professional settings.


The Chinese competence level test (HSK) corresponds to the B2 level of the GER level. Candidates who take this test can use Chinese to communicate on a variety of topics and have conversations with native Chinese speakers.


The level of Chinese training ability (HSK) 5 corresponds to the C1 level of the GER level. Candidates who successfully pass this test are considered Chinese proficient and watch Chinese films, read Chinese newspapers and books, and even speak the language.


The Chinese competence test (HSK) for level 6 corresponds to level C2 of the GER level and the highest skill level that individuals can acquire. Candidates who successfully pass this Chinese test will have a thorough knowledge of their native Chinese language and will be able to communicate effectively in Chinese both verbally and in writing.