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IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an internationally recognized qualification for students aged 14-16. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and is widely accepted by universities and employers globally.

IGCSE Boards in which Countries which Countries which Countries

IGCSE boards are conducted in over 160 countries worldwide. They are widely adopted by schools in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, and many more. Find out if IGCSE is recognized in your country.

United Kingdom

IGCSE is widely recognized by top UK


IGCSE is a popular choice for international
schools in Singapore.


Many Malaysian schools offer IGCSE as a
curriculum option.

Middle East

Many international schools in the Middle
Eastern countries offer IGCSE programs as
part of their secondary education curriculum.

IGCSE A Levels Levels Levels

After completing IGCSE, students can advance to the next level of education – IGCSE A Levels. This
program allows students to specialize in the subjects of their choice and prepares them for universitylevel studies.

Subject Flexibility

Choose the subjects that align with your career goals.

University Preparation

IGCSE A Levels provide a strong foundation for higher education.


Develop expertise in your chosen subjects.

IGCSE Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum

The IGCSE curriculum offers a well-rounded education with a wide range of subjects. Students have the freedom to explore their interests while gaining essential knowledge and skills.

Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, and Science are core subjects in the IGCSE curriculum.

Elective Options

Choose from various elective options like
Business Studies, Computing, Art, and more.

Foreign Languages

Spanish, French, German, and other foreign languages are also offered in the IGCSE curriculum.

Physical Education

Develop physical fitness and teamwork skills through Physical Education classes.

School Grades Grades Grades

The grading system in IGCSE is based on a scale of A to G, with A being the highest grade.
This system provides a comprehensive evaluation of a student’s performance and helps
them track their progress.

Step 1: Preparation

Review the syllabus and understand the grading criteria

Step 2: Study and Practice

Engage in thorough study and practice to excel in exams.

Step 3: Exam Day

Keep calm and focused during the examination

IGCSE Subjects Subjects Subjects

IGCSE offers a wide range of subjects to cater to diverse interests and career choices. From
mathematics to humanities, there is something for everyone.

Science Humanities Mathematics
Physics Geography Additional Mathematics
Chemistry History Economics
Biology Business Studies Accountancy

Benefits of IGCSE Education IGCSE Education IGCSE Education

IGCSE education offers numerous benefits to students, setting them up for success in their academic
and professional journeys.

Global Recognition

IGCSE is recognized by universities and
employers worldwide.

Skills Development

IGCSE focuses on developing critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills

Preparation for Higher Education

IGCSE prepares students for university-level studies by providing a rigorous curriculum.


Students have the freedom to choose
subjects according to their interests and

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