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Best Online French Classes for Kids and Teens

Experience the best online French classes for kids and teens. Our expert teachers provide personalized one-on-one sessions, tailored for all levels and certifications. We follow school curriculum guidelines for all international boards, ensuring comprehensive learning and excellent exam preparation

Personalized Learning

Individual Approach

Our expert teachers provide tailored one-on-one sessions, ensuring personalized attention for every student.

Flexible Levels

From beginners to advanced learners, we offer classes for all levels, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

Comprehensive Certification

 Get certified in French language proficiency after completing our comprehensive courses and exams.

Experienced Teachers


Learn from highly experienced French teachers who have a deep understanding of the language and culture.

Interactive Lessons

Engage in interactive and immersive lessons that promote active learning and rapid

Engaging Methods

Our teachers use creative and engaging teaching methods to make learning French enjoyable and effective.

Individual Progress


Evaluate your skills through our initial assessment to determine your current 2 French language level.


Based on your assessment, we develop a customized learning plan that focuses on your specific needs and goals.


Stay motivated with regular progress tracking and feedback from your dedicated French teacher.

Exam Preparation


Learn effective exam
strategies and techniques to
excel in various French
language proficiency exams.


Practice with mock tests
that simulate real exam
conditions, ensuring
familiarity and confidence.


Receive individual attention
and support from our
experienced teachers
throughout your exam
preparation journey.

Cultural Immersion

Discover French Culture

Explore the rich heritage of French culture to enhance your language learning experience.

Taste of France

Indulge in the delights of French cuisine and learn about its important role in French culture.

Historical Landmarks

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of France by discovering its iconic landmarks and attractions

Achieve Fluency

BuildStrong Foundations

Develop a solid understanding
of French grammar, vocabulary,
and pronunciation to build a
strong foundatio

Enhance Conversational Skills

Improve your speaking and
listening skills through
immersive practice and real-life
conversation exercises.

Cultural Appreciation

Deepen your appreciation for
French literature, cinema, and
art, and gain insights into
French society.

Join Kiya Learning

Connect with fellow language learners from around the world. Engage in discussions, practice speaking,
and participate in cultural events.