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Kiya Learning: Your One-Stop Destination for Excellent Science Tuition

At Kiya Learning, we provide top-notch online science classes for all grades and various curriculums like IB, IGCSE, MOE, GCSE, CBSE, and state boards. Whether you want to prepare for your school exams or build a solid foundation in Science, our specialized teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Expert Teachers Who Ensure Your Success


Our teachers have relevant academic qualifications and expertise to ensure a complete understanding of the subjects

Friendly Approach

We understand that every student is unique and so is their learning style. Our teachers adopt a friendly approach to cater to individual needs.

Interactive Classes

Our classes are highly interactive, and we encourage students to ask questions and engage in discussions. This approach ensures better retention and understanding of concepts.

Subjects We Offer


Explore the beauty of the physical world with our expert teachers who discuss the fundamental principles, theories, and applications of Physics.


From atoms and molecules to chemical reactions and bey nd, our Chemistry classes cover all aspects of this fascinating subject to help you ace your exams.


Drop-in to our Biology classes and venture into the living world of organisms, cells, and processes with our knowledgeable and friendly teachers.

General Science

 For younger students who want to discover the wonders of the world around them, we offer classes that cover topics like Earth Science, Life Science, and more.

Curriculums We Cover

Benefits of One-to-One Sessions

Comprehensive Study Material

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