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Primary School

Middle School

High School

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Kiya learning is an innovative platform where we strive hard to develop the wholesome personality of students. We offer exceptional education for the students of kindergarten to grade 12. We provide students with best class education from our trained teachers which help them to develop their physical, social and intellectual skills. We are internationally based in many countries like Australia, Germany, USA, India and many more. We focus more the students’ needs and our curriculum and method of teaching is student centric.

Personalised Family Access

We've developed the FutureSchool programme to allow for your entire family to work on different strength levels.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting Online tutoring allows us to deliver real-time reports on your child's performance whenever you need it.

Flexible & Affordable

Because it's online, you don't have to worry about booking ahead of time, just login. Get affordable access for the entire family!

100% Guarantee

At any time* you feel you're not getting the service you deserve we'll give you a full month's refund. No questions asked.

Primary School

The major foundation of a child’s personality develops during elementary classes. At Kiya learning elementary classes are grade 1 to grade 5. In these years student’s mind are very sensitive to stimuli that is why we focus on teaching our kids with maximum practical application so that they grab the concept. We have a thoroughly researched curriculum which favors their overall development.

English, Maths, Science, & Social Studies, Additional Languages, coding, Music, yoga


Middle School

The children during the years of middle school are very active. They start growing into very enthusiastic and adventurous people. Their minds are focused towards the world and how does it function. At kiya learning we provide middle education from grade 6-8. Here we are focused on using that energy to inducing their interest in their studies as well as physical activities. We provide teacher centric education in this stage because the children and their energy need to be guided by a teacher. We provide quality education to the children so they can improve their existing skills and develop new skills. We also try to remove their stage fear by training them to express their views among a group of people. We help them to prepare for exams such as igcse and ib

Maths, IGCSE, IB, cambridge,  dance, music, yoga


High School

The years of high schools are the most important years for the students as they decide what they have to become in their life and set the foundations of their careers. They start preparing for examination like igcse and ib which enhances their growth. During these years we focus on the development of each and every student. At kiya learning students are free to be curious, ask a lot of questions and take responsibility of their learning.

We provide a researched curriculum for the students to prepare for their upcoming exams with the core teaching of grade 9-10 through CAS and grade 11- 12 through experimental learning.