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Kiya learning has the best Singing Classes in Australia where lessons are taught Live 1:1 Online in the convenience of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified tutors..

Learning Singing will help you to reduce your stress and improve your sleep as well as.

Learning Singing will also boost your cognitive skills, and train your brain to face any real-life challenges. Join Singing classes in Australia by Kiya learning to see the difference

Singing sets the foundation for major creative efforts in Entrepreneurship
Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Singing

Improves Cognition

Numerous studies have concluded that singers and musicians generally have higher IQs than non-musicians. Singing can improve your overall brain function and help you think more clearly.


Control Blood Pressure

Many case studies have shown that singing can lower blood pressure due to its calming and relaxing effects. Patients can calm down and lower their blood pressure in the hospital by singing hymns.


Singing makes your facial muscles dance

The right singing technique from the diaphragm can strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. You also use your facial muscles in unique ways when you sing, which makes your face more vibrant.


Increases Empathy

Music can help us to feel connected to all of humanity, including cultural differences. Singing songs that come from other cultures can give us a new appreciation of cultures and help us to empathize.

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In our singing program, young aspiring singers learn the basics of singing such as breathing, posture and diction. These rationales are the key to strong vocal performance. Our experienced singing teachers help beginner singers through the early stages of vocal development, help with pitch training, bells and maintain a steady pace. Like most singing lessons, students can expect weekly private singing rehearsals when studying our programs. At the School, our core philosophy is that the best way for students to acquire musical skills through performance-based music education. All of our teaching programs include performance aspects.

In our Advanced Singing Lessons, we provide professional-grade voice training and singing lessons to help students learn to reach their maximum potential. Our experienced vocal teachers focus on advanced singing techniques to expand a student’s existing vocal repertoire. Each program includes private singing lessons, rehearsals and live performances to take students to a higher level.


Kiya Learning has a well-organized program called Little Wing that attracts preschoolers’ attention, helping them discover their voices and putting them on a path to musical excellence. Through the playful exploration of rhythm, song structure and melody, preschool children are introduced to singing and other instruments.

We make singing lessons fun and engaging for children. Private singing lessons, rehearsals, and live performances help children learn to sing in comfortable surroundings, regardless of their voice. Singing teachers teach basic skills such as in-key persistence, breathing and diction, as well as advanced techniques such as timbre and intonation based on age and ability.

This program is famous for becoming skilled singers. Singing students will learn how to sing effectively by giving private singing lessons, practicing under the supervision of our expert instructors, and later performing live. Singers improve through vocal training, proper warming, and useful microphone techniques as they prepare to perform live on stage..

Students in Kiya Learning’s adult program (18 years and older) learn scales how to keep the pace and how to stay on the key, as well as more advanced language techniques like maintaining the voice. Vocals improve their skills by learning how to sing popular rock songs in private adult singing lessons, rehearsals, and full band sessions. With the expert training of our professional vocal trainers and the support of their band, the singers lead live performances on stage.