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Kiya learning has the best Dance classes in Australia where lessons are taught Live 1:1 Online in the convenience of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified tutors.
Learning Dancing will help you to increase your heart and lungs condition, and muscular strength.
Learning Dancing will also boost your cognitive skills, and train your brain to face any real-life challenges. We have the best Dance classes in Australia.

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Dancing sets the foundation for major creative efforts in Entrepreneurship
Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Dancing

Challenge your brain

If you've ever tried engaging in dance, you will know what exactly we mean by dance challenge in your brain. We point out that the brain, which you need to access especially for dance, asks you to focus both on constantly changing movements and on remembering moves and patterns.


Social activity

While you'd preferably blow a bust if there weren't any spectators, dancing with others is something incredible. Whether you're attending a ballroom or belly dancing class, dancing with friends, being close to other people during dancing is perfect for your social and emotional health.


Boost your mood

The movement and dance are very expressive that can allow you to escape and become free. It is "letting go" that helps improve the trusted source of your mental and emotional health by reducing stress, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and building your self-confidence.


Improves heart health

Heart health is the benefits of dance that are in line with the Department of Health and Human Services. Professional ballroom dancers and certified personal trainers say all dance styles make great cardio workouts as various movements affect your heart rate. In-short improves your heart health.

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Classical Dance
Indian classical dance should always be a part of our school activities. This art is not only the quintessence of the sweetness, beauty and power of our eternal culture but also a prayer and meditation that attracts divine blessings, joy and peace of mind. Here is a list of all “classical dance” that will teach by our expert dance teachers.
• Bharatanatyam
• Kuchipudi
• Odissi
• Kathakali
Worldwide Dances / Latin Dances
Passion, fire, energy! Latin dance is known for its sultry steps and strong relationships between partners. When you learn Latin dance, you will notice how spicy you find this style of dance. Additionally, starting a new hobby like a dance will help you meet new people. Here is a list of all “Worldwide dances / Latin dances” that will teach by our expert dance teachers.
• Salsa
• Flamenco
• Argentine
• tango
• Lambada
• Polka
Professional Performance Dance
"Professional dance" was introduced in the early years of the Italian Renaissance when music, dance, art, and poetry began to increase in popularity after the millennium of medieval stagnation. Refined by the efforts of France and Russia, the ballet became the premier technical concert. Here is a list of all “Professional performance dance” that will teach by our expert dance teachers.
• Ballet
• Contemporary dance
• Concert dance
• Modern dance
• Tap Dance

Classical Dance

Worldwide Dances / Latin Dances

Professional Performance Dance

Modern Dances
Modern dance is a dance style that focuses on the dancer's interpretations rather than structured steps as traditional ballet dance. New dancers reject the boundaries of classical ballet and favour movements derived from the expression of their inner feelings.
• House dance
• Punk dance
• Rave dance
• Disco dance
• Bollywood dance
Hip-Hop & Funk Dance
The dance style of hip-hop evolved from the musical style that was first introduced during the 1970s. Great popularity inspired by performances in media, films and television shows that hip-hop dance found a vast foothold in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. •Breakdance
•Street Jazz
The Traditional Jazz Dance
Jazz dance developed from both the 19th and 20th-century dance stages and traditional black ballroom dancing and its white ballroom offshoots. On stage, the performers of the 19th-century minstrel show developed tap dancing from a combination of Irish jigging, English clog dancing and African rhythmic stamping. • Swing
• Charleston
• Tap Dance
• Moonwalk
• Boogie-woogie

Modern Dances

Hip-Hop & Funk Dance

The Traditional Jazz Dance