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Urdu is written in Persian-Arabic script. If you can read and write Urdu, you will learn to read and write six other languages – Arabic, Baluchi, Kashmiri, Pashto, Persian and Punjabi. Join Kiya learning Urdu Class in Australia.
According to a study conducted by neuroscientists, reading Urdu activates the front of the brain, which helps improve your decision-making ability and sharpen your analytical skills.
Learning Urdu can boost your career if you want to work in Northern India, Pakistan, Great Britain, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many other places. Kiya learning has the best Urdu class in Australia.

Urdu Language sets the foundation for major efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Urdu


Grow your Career

Additional language skills can be an essential asset when it comes to keeping you isolated from your colleagues. They are among the eight best skills required in all professions - regardless of your industry or skill level - and the demand for bilingual professionals is increasing rapidly.


Feed your Brain

The many cognitive benefits of additional language learning are undeniable. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improved focus, multitasking skills, and better listening skills.


Deepen your Connection with other Cultures

Additional language is the most direct connection to other cultures. The ability to communicate in another language makes us visible and promotes appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts and stories of the people associated with that language.


Improve Confidence

Anyone learning a new language can prove their share of mistakes while discovering a new language - often in front of an audience. It is a necessary part of the learning process! Learning a language means getting involved and leaving your comfort zone.

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We divide this course in three levels

Urdu is the standard language of Pakistan, and it is widely spoken in six Indian states. Over 40 million people speak Urdu worldwide. As the original language of one of the most ancient and compelling regions of the world, its influence is long-lasting and constantly changing. Furthermore, it is the language of many literary works; From poetry and prose to literature and philosophy. Learn Urdu and go on a fascinating journey through one of the most complex and nuanced cultures of our time.

Salutations and Small Talk

Conversational Goals

• Make Small Talk with Strangers
• Express Gratitude
• Greet People

Grammar Goals

• Be Introduced to Nouns, Pronouns, and Adverbs
• Be Introduced to Postpositions: کو ، کا
• Be Introduced to the Verb ہونا
• Learn the Basic Sentence Structure

Languages and Origins

Conversational Goals

• Ask / Tell If Someone Knows a Language
• Ask / Tell Where Someone is From
• Get Someone’s Attention

Grammar Goals
• Be Introduced to Negation: نہیں
• Be Introduced to the Question Marker کیا
• Learn the Postposition سے
• Learn the Verb آنا
• Use Nouns, Pronouns, and Adverbs

Names and Introductions
Conversational Goals

• Ask Someone’s Name
• Become Familiar with Urdu Names
• Introduce Yourself and Another Person
• Respond to Introductions
• Say That You Are Not Someone or Something

Grammar Goals

• Be Introduced to Proper Nouns
• Learn the Coordinating Conjunction اور
• Use کیا as an Interrogative Pronoun
• Use یہ as Demonstrative Pronoun
• Use یہ as Personal Pronoun

Places and Directions

Conversational Goals

• Ask for Directions
• Get Help Finding Places Using a Map
• Identify Important Places and Facilities Around
• Understand Directions as They Are Given to You

Grammar Goals

• Be Introduced to the Compound Verb مڑ جائیں
• Learn اِس: The Oblique Case of Demonstrative Pronoun یہ
• Practice the Interrogative Adverb کہاں
• Use the Oblique Plural Suffix وں
• Use کوئی and کافی as Adjectives

Currency and Counting

Conversational Goals

• Count Up To 100,000
• Deal with Currency
• Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores

Grammar Goals

• Be Introduced to Attributive Adjectives
• Be Introduced to Cardinal Numbers
• Be Introduced to the Verbs: کم کرنا ، بیچنا ، لینا ، دکھانا
• Practice the Participles: کا ، کی ، کے
• Use اُس: Oblique Case of Demonstrative Pronoun وہ

Food and Drink Culture

Conversational Goals

• Gain insight into the Food Culture of Pakistan
• Order Drinks and Meals
• Understand Common Phrases Used at Restaurants

Grammar Goals

• Learn the Collocation of Verb چاہنا with Postposition کو
• Learn تھا, The Past Tense of ہونا
• Make Requests with the Subjunctive

Transportation and Payment

Conversational Goals

• Ask / Tell Whether You Can Use Something
• Deal with Large Numbers
• Handle Currency of Pakistan with Ease
• Ride a Taxi and Pay the Fare

Grammar Goals

• Express Ability with the Verb سکنا
• Learn the Future of the Verb لگنا to Inquire About Cost
• Use the Adverb of Manner جلدی
• Use the Suffix والا to Form Occupational Nouns

Help and Requests

Conversational Goals

• Accept / Decline Help
• Ask / Tell What Trouble You Are In
• Ask for / Offer Help
• Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services in Pakistan

Grammar Goals

• Learn Perfective Verb Forms
• Learn the Present Continuous “verb root” + رہا, رہا ہے
• Practice Conjunct Verbs, Noun + کرنا
• Use Postpositions to Describe Physical Symptoms

Clarification and Explanation

Conversational Goals

• Ask / Answer What a Word or Phrase Means
• Ask / Answer What a Written Word or Phrase Says
• Communicate Your Ability to Understand Something
• Express Gratitude for a Past Deed
• Request to Repeat, Slow Down, or Speak Up

Grammar Goals

• Learn Another Use of the Postposition کو
• Practice Compound Verbs With سمجھ جانا
• Practice Perfective Participles With لکھا ہے
• Practice کا
• Use the Verb کہنا to Say/Ask What Something Means

Compliments and Corrections

Conversational Goals

• Ask / Tell How Your Performance Is
• Ask / Tell What Something Is
• Give / Respond to a Compliment
• Request / Agree to Speak in a Particular Language
• Tell Someone that You Are Learning Something

Grammar Goals

• Learn Various Usages of the Postposition سے
• Practice Noun-Adjective Agreement
• Practice Present Continuous: Verb Root + رہا ہے