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Kiya Learning: Online Hindi Classes

Learn Hindi  at your own pace with Kiya Learning. Our expert instructors provide one-to-one sessions for all grade levels and language proficiency. Join now and unlock the beauty of the Hindi language.


Our Programs

School Curriculum

Immerse yourself in Hindi with our comprehensive curriculum designed for all grade levels.

Language Courses

From beginner to advanced, our courses will help you master Hindi and build your language skills.

One-to-One Sessions

Experience personalized learning with our expert instructors who provide individual attention and guidance.

All International Boards

Our Hindi classes align with the curriculum of all international educational boards, ensuring a seamless transition for students.

PSLE Hindi Full Course-MOE Syllabus

Learn to get better PSLE Score

Kiya Learning offers a variety of PSLE preparation courses, so make sure to choose the one that is right for your child’s needs and level.

Test Paper Solutions

A variety of other resources to help students prepare for the PSLE. These resources include practice papers, online quizzes, and study guides.

Hindi Language Courses

Level 1 - Spoken Hindi Classes for Beginners

 Spoken Hindi language classes typically focus on teaching students the basics of the Hindi language, such as the alphabet, pronunciation, basic grammar, and vocabulary. Students may also learn about Hindi culture and customs.

Level 2 - Advanced Hindi Speaking Classes

Hindi speaking classes typically focus on helping students to improve their fluency and accuracy in speaking Hindi. Students may also learn about more advanced grammar concepts and vocabulary.

Level 3 - Hindi Reading & Writing Classes

Kiya Learning offers a variety of courses and resources to help you improve your Hindi reading and writing skills. Our experienced tutors can teach you the basics of Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We also offer a variety of practice materials, such as reading comprehension exercises and writing prompts.

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About Kiya Learning

At Kiya Learning, we offer online Hindi classes led by experienced instructors. Our high-quality curriculum is designed to make learning engaging and interactive. Join us to embark on a journey into the beauty of the Hindi language.

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Get in touch with ourteam at Kiya Learning to learn more about our Hindi classes and get started on yourlanguage learning journey. Enroll now and embrace the rich culture and heritage of Hindi.