How to Move the Pieces

 Learn how to assemble the pieces on your board. So that you can get ready to beat your opponent.


Playing the Game

Learn the rules of playing the games. As learning rules ensures that you don’t get disqualified.

Beginner (Fundamentals)


Opening Principles

 First move can decide the rest of your game. Learn the opening moves that make your game stronger.


Winning the Game

It isn’t easy as it sounds. Learn all the tips and tricks to checkmate your opponent’s king.


Capturing Pieces

Capturing maximum number of pieces ensures your win. learn how to maximize your chances of winning


Finding Checkmate

Observe your opponent’s moves and know when to attack which piece.

Intro to Book Openings

Learn how to open your game with most popular and interesting openings.

Intermediate (Key Concepts)


Make the Most of Your Pieces

Understand everything about your chess pieces and use it to gain advantage for your game


Understanding Endgames

Learn to be victorious even with less number of chess pieces. Play technical endgames ad win your games.

Winning with Tactics

Learn tricks and tactics to surprise your opponent with your hidden strategy.


Forcing Moves

Learn to visualise the whole game just with your one move. Come out of messy situations and turn the game in your favour


Reading the Board

Learn to make the best out of the given situations on the board.

Advanced (Taking Control)


Key Openings

Earn the famous openings for your game so that you don’t feel lost after initial moves.


Choosing the Best Move

 Learn how to strategize your game plan and choose the best move.


Activating Your Pieces

Knowing the strength and weakness of your pieces use them to your advantage .


Advanced Endgames

Learning the techniques for a perfect endgame ensures your victory.

Attacking the King

Learn to attack your opponent’s king against all the defensive strategies


Advanced Tactics

Learn all the techniques that grandmasters use in their games.


Endgame Patterns

Learn how to identify the endgame patterns on your king and how to save it.