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Live 1:1 Online Science Classes

Kiya learning Science class in Australia has All lessons that are taught Live 1:1 Online in the convenience of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified tutors.
Learning Science will also help you to understand better world by the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

With the help of Science subject we can develop our ability to collect information, organize and test our ideas and it’s is the. Best Science classes in Australia

Science sets the foundation for major creative and analytical efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Science


Make positive and amazing progress

Science is not taking a negative step unlike the economy, which is falling into a depression. It is always moving in the direction of more positive and noticeable developments.


Various works

Science gives you many variations of work, from learning about every part of the human body to animals, trees and the universe. You can study or specialize in many different things in general.


Science challenges your brain

The complexity of the subjects forces your brain to function twice as generally. It enables you to be smarter and intelligent as well as more progressive and make your brain sharper.


A better understanding of the world

Science allows you to develop scientific knowledge and theories about anything in the world that you have experienced. A science project like assignment forces you to think of possible solutions.

Primary 1
Greater than and less than, categories, adding and subtracting, time order, and more.
Primary 2
Completing patterns, contractions, identifying shapes, and more.
Primary 3
Measurement, comparing numbers, and more.
Primary 4
Multiplication, time, understanding fractions, and more.
Primary 5
Equivalent fractions, area, perimeter, angles, homographs, and more.
Secondary 1
Proportional relationships, rational numbers, and more.
Secondary 2
Factorizing, Pythagoras’ theorem, exponents, ellipses, dashes, and more.